GreenSpace Brands Inc.’s mission is to create products that inspire and improve lives through simple ingredients, traditional farming practices and innovative branding. GreenSpace invests in opportunities within the plant-based food sector and continues to strive to innovate new products and services. GreenSpace is committed to growing its current portfolio of investments across the sector by distinguishing unique business ventures.

GreenSpace is a publicly traded company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSXV: JTR). It is based in Ontario, Canada and predominantly sells its products throughout North America. However, the products under two of GreenSpace’s brands, GO VEGGIE and Love Child Organics, are sold internationally. GO VEGGIE sells its products in the Caribbean and Love Child Organics sells its products in Asia and the Middle East. Both GO VEGGIE’s and Love Child Organic’s sales outside of North America represent a small amount of each of their total sales. The capital from the Company’s investment will be used for three purposes: (i) increasing GreenSpace’s inventory to meet rising demand for its products; (ii) paying GreenSpace’s old accounts payable; and (iii) general working capital. Approximately 70% of the capital will be allocated to increasing GreenSpace’s inventory whereas 30% of the capital will be allocated between paying GreenSpace’s old accounts payable and general working capital.